Areas Of Practice

Real Estate

We have been practicing Real Estate since 2003 and have represented thousands of buyers, sellers, and lenders in real estate transactions. We will help you navigate the closing process from the beginning to the end taking time to explain each step to you. We will help you negotiate the terms of the contract, make sure there are clear title, review mortgage rates and closing fees and help you complete the closing process in a smooth and understandable way. Read More

Loan Modifications

In this economy, there are more and more people who are struggling to make ends meet. A loan modification can help improve your financial situation. A loan modification is granted by your mortgage lender and the investor who owns your loan. Read More


Bankruptcy is a process used to protect consumers who have suffered a hardship or simply can no longer afford to make ends meet due to overwhelming liabilities including unexpected medical bills, unsecured debt, possible judgments and other financial obligations. In the current economic crisis, more and more people are turning to bankruptcy to protect them from their creditors and to preserve their assets. Read More


Foreclosure is the scary and daunting process by which your mortgage lender seeks to take your home because you have fallen behind on your payments. There are emotional and financial aspects of foreclosure that make the process very overwhelming. You need an experienced attorney to help you through the process. You do not have to go through this alone. Read More

Short Sales

A short sale is when an owner of home sells the property for less than the amount owed on the mortgage. This has become common practice since the collapse of the real estate market since most houses are significantly over-mortgaged. We understand how scary and upsetting this process can be. Read More